In February 2019, we will open the doors to 120 students (7th and 8th graders) as an official MINED approved

education Institute. We are located in the Community of Tomas Borge, just North-west of the City of León in



Tomás Borge is one the most impoverished

communities in Nicaragua. One of our dreams at

Nicamerican Missions is to provide EDUCATION

to the new generations so that they can overcome

poverty. We have partnered with some organiza-

tions and goodhearted people in the United States

who have supported us in building the first 6

classrooms for our school.


Different Mission Teams have joined efforts and

the school is now a beautiful place for our children.

Teams have sponsored/ supported various projects

including: construction, windows, doors, paint,

bathrooms, clinic, sportive areas, etc.

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