NICAMERICAN MISSIONS began in 2014 as the dream of a small group of people. Over the past few years Nicamerican Missions has continued to develop and make a Kingdom Impact in the areas surrounding León, Nicaragua. We have been able to make an impact by partnering and building relationships with different ministries and organizations, building a high school and sponsoring children's education, bringing family support, and helping to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people in poverty-stricken areas of the world. NICAMERICAN MISSIONS is a ministry of the ASSOCIATION of CHURCHES ALMIGHTY KING JESUS, duly established with all the Legal and Spiritual support. This church is Non-denominational, with a contemporary style. As a part of the Association of Churches NICAMERICAN MISSIONS is governed under the Purpose, Objectives and Values of this church. You can become a part of the change God wants to bring to Nicaragua and the rest of the world. What stars here will change the world
Jeremy Bárcenas
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