How did Nicamerican Missions begin?
Oscar Barcenas is the pastor of El Rey Jesus Todopoderoso. In the late 70s the revolution was ravaging the country of Nicaragua and Oscar fled Nicaragua with his wife Gladys moved to Miami for 9 years. While in Miami they had their first son Jeremy. They moved back to Nicaragua from Miami and planted El Rey Jesus Todopoderoso Church. Jeremy graduated from Universidad Cristiana Autónoma de Nicaragua with a degree in computer systems engeneering. In 2010 Jeremy began to work as a translator. Jeremy translated for various mission teams and because of that was able to visit many impoverished communities. It wasn’t long until Jeremy had a great burden on his heart for these families in need. Seeing the desire of American mission teams that he was translating for he decided to unite the hearts of himself and Americans who also had a heart for those in need. In 2014, Nicamerican Missions was officially launched under the slogan “We are united in love”. In 2016, Nicamerican shifted its focus to one specific community - Tomas Borge. Nicamerican Missions believes that real change happens over time, with intentional loving relationships; and the best way to create relationships is through intentional long-term partnerships.
NICAMERICAN MISSIONS began in 2014 as the dream of a small group of people. Over the past few years Nicamerican Missions has continued to develop and make a Kingdom Impact in the areas surrounding León, Nicaragua. We have been able to make an impact by partnering and building relationships with different ministries and organizations, building a high school and sponsoring children's education, bringing family support, and helping to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people in poverty-stricken areas of the world. NICAMERICAN MISSIONS is a ministry of the ASSOCIATION of CHURCHES ALMIGHTY KING JESUS, duly established with all the Legal and Spiritual support. This church is Non-denominational, with a contemporary style. As a part of the Association of Churches NICAMERICAN MISSIONS is governed under the Purpose, Objectives and Values of this church. You can become a part of the change God wants to bring to Nicaragua and the rest of the world. What stars here will change the world
Jeremy Bárcenas
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