We have a great experience with Construction Teams, sometimes these are the Teams people like the best, because they meet the needs of secure walls, a roof with no leaks, a solid floor under their feet, and at the same time it gives them a chance to share and know each other better (families and missionaries). • CHURCH CONSTRUCTION • CLINIC • PARSONAGE • LATRINES • SCHOOL • HOUSES MEDICAL SETTING:
We understand that health is one of the main needs in this country, but not everybody has access to this service. So when medical teams come they do a great work here because of the struggle of many people just to survive. We have a local doctor (is this Dr. Medina?) that works for the “HEALTH DEPARTMENT OF NICARAGUA” (MINSA) and he takes care of all the paper work, medical work and he is with the team during the week. We can arrange for: • CLINIC • DENTAL OFFICE • PHARMACY • VISION MEDICAL PERSONNEL NEEDED:
To treat the illnesses of people here, these are the medical personnel we need when going to the poor communities: • PHYSICIAN • PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT • NURSE • DENTIST • PHYSICAL THERAPY • PHARMACIST MEDICAL SPECIALIST NEEDED:
Specialties vary depending on the location, but in our part of the country these are the main specialties needed: • OBGYN • TROPICAL DISEASES • PEDIATRICIAN EDUCATION PROJECTS:
• NAME OF PROJECT: Teachers Training • LOCATION: León, Nicaragua • GENERAL ADVANCE NUMBER: • BRIEF DESCRIPTION: We gather teachers of the Education System of Nicaragua that work in the area and we provide them with strategies, new teaching methods, some rules of pedagogy and behavior.
It takes 2 days of training in one school auditorium, at the end “MINED (MINISTERIO DE EDUCACIÓN)” Certificates to all the teachers and that gives them credits.
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