The heart of this endeavor from day one was to impact students both here in the US as well as in Nicaragua. This is a global leadership partnership that will have life changing effects on both sides of our country’s borders. This will be an opportunity for you to challenge your students to live for something bigger than themselves. This is a great opportunity to cultivate service leadership and love for others within your students, school, and community.
There is also the opportunity for service trips to Tomas Borge, Nicaragua. The relationships formed through your school’s partnership with KBCMI and the community of Tomas Borge is guaranteed to be life changing. The school will expand one grade per year until we have all secondary grade levels (7-11) required by
the Ministry of Education of Nicaragua. The operating budget for KBCMI is about $48,000 a year. Our
dream is to find 11 additional schools to join Heritage that would be willing to fund the operations of the
school for 1 month at $4,000. This dream can be reached through child partnerships.
Child partnerships are critical to the daily running of the school. Each child partnership is $564/year or $47/month and comes with additional benefits that we will help facilitate. We can achieve this goal if each school within the KBC Dream Team raises $4,000 for the year - that’s only 7 child partnerships per school! This is
encouraged to be a long term commitment for your school but is not mandatory. We also encourage, but do not require, your school to take a team of students to the community to serve for one week (or more) a year. As part of the Dream Team, We would love to assist you with leadership training, short term service trip training, fund raising, and any other needs you may have.
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